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This decade will be characterized as one of change. Business markets are changing faster than ever before. Global competition is growing in intensity, while mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances alter the competitive landscape. Competitive advantages, once realized, are often short-lived.

Information Technology, once considered to be principally an operational support tool, is now being applied innovatively to provide sustainable competitive advantage across many different industries.

How, in this environment, will today’s leaders chart a course to achieve their goals and objectives that are vital to business success? How will they leverage organizational knowledge? How agile will they be at implementing the strategies that are needed to meet these challenges while maintaining a readiness for continuous change?

We created Results Driven Planning to support our clients to manage the complexity of change and accelerate the implementation of strategy. It is a results oriented process that combines the best of academic and practical approaches to business change and problem solving.

RDP helps clients improve their business performance and increase their capacity to…

1“Take advantage of change.”

The broader view of change is taking advantage of change not simply coping with change. Consider it an opportunity to increase your competitiveness, market share and to improve your business performance.

Traditional business planning or strategic planning processes fall short or fail at implementing/executing strategy. They simply are not working.

Kaplan and Norton studies indicate that 90% of organizations fail
to successfully implement their strategies.

The Economist estimates that organizations realize only 60% of the
potential value of their strategies.

Harvard Business Review estimates the ROI from traditional planning approaches to be 34% or less.

Business as usual is no longer an option for most.

Businesses are challenged to meet the complexity created by the rate and pace of change and the impact change will have on their industry and on their business. Growth is confronted by the expanded reach of global competitors and by new entrants using technology to alter the way products and services are offered or delivered.

Businesses ability to respond to a weak economy, regulatory change, industry consolidation, work force diversity, advancing technologies and issues of sustainability have simply saturated many companies’ ability to cope with change.

In this environment, new approaches will be needed to chart a course to achieve the quality and service levels vital to business success. The speed of strategy implementation will be a competitive differentiator for most businesses. Today’s leaders must develop agile organizations that maintain a readiness for continuous change.

Results Driven Planning (RDP) is a new approach designed to take advantage of change.

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