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Founded in 1989 as a management and technology consulting company, MFA’s focus was to align information technology with business requirements and to leverage IT to enable business strategy.

During the course of our consulting engagements a set of questions frequently emerged:

– What investments will achieve the greatest benefits and insure we are getting maximum value?
– Are there opportunities to invest in IT to create competitive advantages?
– What is the process to create one executable sustainable strategic plan?

In 2009 we decided to develop and build a product to provide clients with our proprietary methods, Internet-based tools and extensive intellectual property to enable them to improve their business performance and take advantage of change.

We named it Results Driven Planning for one important reason: Only implemented strategies deliver the results to improve business performance.

Today our proprietary methodology, tools and intellectual property are offered to clients as a licensed product for their use. Try our “RDP test drive” program to …

“Make It Happen”

The foundation and character of MFA is best defined by its core beliefs. Our experience of applying our tools and best practices has confirmed our basic beliefs and their principles that are used in our premier product, RDP.

Change – We believe that the broader view of change is taking advantage of change not simply coping with change. RDP provides a process to transform from the business as usual planning process to one where speed and competence enable our clients to take advantage of change.

Strategic Planning – We believe strategic planning is an ongoing integrated process targeted toward continuing performance improvement not simply an annual event. RDP provides for the ongoing calibration of the client’s business plans to changing opportunities and circumstances.

One Plan – We believe that strategic, tactical and operational planning should be all part of one process and the plans themselves are aligned and integrated. RDP integrates the strategic planning process from beginning to end. The process baselines existing plans, business models and drives for results with the establishment of value-based strategic goals. It links to business objectives, critical success factors and initiatives, all of which are value-based and measureable.  The resulting plan is one that is strategic, tactical, operational and integrated.

Business Metrics – We believe that if you don’t measure it – chances are you won’t get it. RDP provides for the measurement of each step in its process.  An effective metric, Return on Change (ROC) is incorporated in the earliest stages in the development of the strategic mplementation plan.  Initiatives that meet the client’s financial return goals can prioritize on net return value (ROC) and initiatives that do not can be eliminated from further consideration.

Resource Management – We believe that all discretionary expenditures should be prioritized on value to improve the client’s business performance. RDP provides for the inclusion and review of all expenditures.  While focused upon strategic goals, we recognize and understand that much non-strategic expenditure is required for the operational continuation of the organization.  RDP enables executive leadership to focus upon all initiatives when considering future allocation of resources.

Leveraging People – We believe that clients should first leverage the knowledge that they already have to develop useful and usable strategies and tactics to achieve growth and higher profitability. MFA advocates a “Best in Front,” philosophy. RDP provides support for the identification and inclusion of the organization’s most knowledgeable people throughout all phases of the process.

RDP also provides for the inclusion of evaluations, recommendations, etc. of any external resource source in much the same manner as the client includes its own people.

Leveraging Information Technology – We believe Information Technology (I/T) can be a significant enabler of business strategy and in applying technology by how it is used not what it is. RDP positions IT as a business partner in the innovative process of identifying new ways to create competitive advantages.

Aligning Information Technology – We believe that aligning Information Technology should be a result of the business planning process, not simply an objective.  RDP integrates strategic business objectives, business operations and information technology into a single proactive process. The effective application of technology, including information technology, is based on implementation of strategies, impact on business performance and a solid and flexible technical architecture.

Change Programs – We believe that significant business initiatives and their impact on the business model must be fully understood prior to considering or attempting change programs. RDP integrates planned initiatives within critical success factors within business objectives within strategic goals.  That information relation hierarchy and their metrics ensures that executive evaluation concerns are minimized.

Agility – We believe that the speed of strategy implementation will be a competitive differentiator for most businesses. RDP is implemented as a collaborative process by preparing teams to participate in the process of development and ownership of the change programs. It is a means to focus and build agile organizations.

“Test Drive” We believe that every client should have the opportunity to experience the complete RDP system before buying. RDP features a free test drive program. Click on “Products and Services” for the details.

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