Meeting The Challenges Of Changes


Business Performance

This decade will be characterized as one of change. Business markets are changing faster than ever before. Global competition is growing in intensity, while mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances alter the competitive landscape. Competitive advantages, once realized, are often short-lived.

Information Technology, once considered to be principally an operational support tool, is now being applied innovatively to provide sustainable competitive advantage across many different industries.

How, in this environment, will today’s leaders chart a course to achieve their goals and objectives that are vital to business success? How will they leverage organizational knowledge? How agile will they be at implementing the strategies that are needed to meet these challenges while maintaining a readiness for continuous change?

We created Results Driven Planning to support our clients to manage the complexity of change and accelerate the implementation of strategy. It is a results oriented process that combines the best of academic and practical approaches to business change and problem solving.

RDP helps clients improve their business performance and increase their capacity to…

“Take Advantage of Change”

Results Driven Planning©

Results Driven Planning (RDP)© is a proprietary methodology developed by Michael Fischer & Associates (MFA) specifically designed to improve business performance and take advantage of change. Our comprehensive approach to managing the complexity of change and our innovations in developing RDP enable organizations to get results from strategic planning that they strive to achieve.

As MFA grew it developed a framework to organize its intellectual property, methods, processes and innovative tools. We learned to leverage our proven processes and to incorporate them as best practices.

Together with its proprietary Internet-based tool STTAR Navigator© and its data base of business information, RDP delivers executable and maintainable strategic plans including change programs that are prioritized on value.

RDP guides the way to achieve strategic goals by developing new strategies, identifying critical success factors, evaluating competitive opportunities, stimulating innovation, leveraging technology, streamlining business processes and building strategic implementation programs.

RDP measures the strength and probability of success of the strategic plan by delivering a risk/readiness assessment, an analysis of resource requirements, a quality assessment of business processes and systems, and a detailed project plan to …

“Chart the Competitive Course”

About The Firm

Founded in 1989 as a management and technology consulting company, MFA’s focus was to align information technology with business requirements and to leverage IT to enable business strategy.

During the course of our consulting engagements a set of questions frequently emerged:

– What investments will achieve the greatest benefits and insure we are getting maximum value?

– Are there opportunities to invest in IT to create competitive advantages?

– What is the process to create one executable sustainable strategic plan?

In 2008 we decided to develop and build a product to provide clients with our proprietary methods, Internet-based tools and extensive intellectual property to enable them to improve their business performance and take advantage of change.

We named it Results Driven Planning for one important reason: Only implemented strategies deliver the results to improve business performance.

Today our proprietary methodology, tools and intellectual property are offered to clients as a licensed product for their use. Try our “RDP test drive” program to …

“Make it Happen”


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